The Jewel of the Indian Ocean The Seychelles, is located north of Madagascar and 1,000 miles east of Mombassa, Kenya. The isolated archipelago, compromises 115 beautiful islands. The climate is mostly tropical marine, humid; with two main seasons, the Dry cool season, from May to October and the Wet warm season, from November to April. The transition periods of April and October are very hot, with little breeze and calm seas. The Seychelles is under a mean maximum temperature ranging around 29 degrees Celsius and experiences 12 hours of daylight per day.

The nation consists of two distinct collections of islands, some granite and some of coral. The Mahe Group comprises of 40 granite islands, all within a 35 mile radius of the main island of Mahe. These islands are rocky, and most have a narrow coastal strip and a central range of hills rising as high as 3,000 ft. Mahe is the largest island 9,142 sq. Km and is the site of Victoria, the capital.

Seascapes of the SeychellesAnemone Fish, SeychellesAerial View of MahéWorld Class DivingWatercolors of MahéAnemone FishDesert IslandsMahé, The Seychelles IslandsImages of the SeychellesWildlife of the SeychellesThe Verdant Island of MahéLocal FishermenGranite Rock, MahéThe Island of MahéVibrant colours of MahéSand, Sea & Sky of the SeychellesVerdant Colours of the Seychelles IslandsWildlife of the SeychellesAnemone FishGiant TortoiseParadisePrivate Lagoon, MahéOne of the new Islands Constructed near VictoriaPort Launay, MahéVibrant colours of MahéParadise Bay, Seychelles

Seychelles Yacht Charter

A Full Fleet of Catamarans from 36 to 82ft long. Six mono hulls from 36 to 52ft. Charter Yachts are available Bareboat or crewed, with Skipper and/or Hostess. Click a link alongside for full details and prices of Individual Yachts.

Catana 4343ft LOA5,2252,680
Harmony 5252ft LOA4,0801,980
Lagoon 380 - S238 ft LOA6,2852,905
Lavezzi 4040ft LOA5,7352,745
Beneteau 36136ft LOA2,4901,590
Eleuthera 6060ft LOA26,0003,200
Harmony 4242ft LOA2,7401,920
Marquises 5656ft LOA22,00013,850
Nautitech 4444ft LOA6,2003,700
Nautitech 4040ft LOA4,4902,640
Lagoon 44044ft LOA6,7503,850
Salina 4848ft LOA8,1504,050
Nautitech 4747ft LOA8,0103,950
Mahé 3636ft LOA3,6502,000
Lagoon 57057ft LOA8,5905,580
Nautitech 44244ft LOA6,7004,190
Lipari 4139ft LOA5,4002,800
Lagoon 40040ft LOA5,4852,310
Lagoon 45045ft LOA9,4004,650
Lagoon 44044ft LOA6,2503,750
Riviera 4343 ft LOA7,0002,000
Prinz 5454 ft LOA12,5009,400
Lagoon 38038 ft LOA6,0503,250
Oceanis 4343ft LOA3,4002,100
Bavaria 39 Cruiser39ft LOA2,9001,900
Orana 4444ft LOA6,0002,500
Enterprise 4343ft LOA20,2002,190
Aicon 5657ft LOA32,0003,890
Mojito 7878ft LOA35,04030,240
Catalante 60060ft LOA17,28015,000
Lagoon 3939 ft LOA7,4602,920
Sun Odyssey 46946ft LOA4,4552,480
Sun Odyssey 37937ft LOA3,4251,950
Sun Odyssey 40940'5 ft LOA3,8201,950
Lagoon 5252ft LOA16,5006,330
Helia 4444ft LOA11,9554,055
S/Y Galatea30 Meter LOA35,0002,700
M/Y Le Kir Royal30 Meter LOA35,00035,000
Leopard 4040 ft LOA5,4002,800
Leopard 4747ft LOA5,5803,790
Leopard 4646ft LOA7,8503,900
M/Y Sea Leopard26 Meter LOA70,00070,000
M/Y Enigma XK71.4 Meter LOA275,000275,000
Bali 4.5 Catamaran45 ft LOA11,9554,605
Bavaria 46 Cruiser '1646ft LOA4,4552,480
Lagoon 4242 ft LOA8,3004,200
Bali 4.343 ft LOA10,0754,255

Seychelles Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: 
Mahé, Seychelles
Port Name: 
Eden Island Marina